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LinguCards meets Schiller Foundation

Cooperation and exchange between schools, their teachers and pupils is very important for our project.


Thanks to Ilonka Petrova we came in contact with the Schiller Foundation in Sofia. Thus LinguCards was invited to organise an interactive workshop for two groups of German language teachers at the 145 Primary School “Simeon Radev” in Mladost, Bulgaria.

The participants were very engaged and eager to learn new and playful teaching methods. They collected idioms, drew their own LinguCards, played the LinguMemory and exchanged ideas to colour up their lessons.

Cheers for the great time!!

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The LinguMemory is out!!!

With our bilingual game you can easily learn German and Bulgarian idioms through playing a fun memory game.


The illustrations are done by 24 different artists from Germany and Bulgaria.  


To improve your pronunciation you can listen to the audio files ( bg / de ) on our website.


Where to buy the game???

You can order it online and we will send it to you.

If you live in Sofia (Bulgaria) you can check here, where you can buy your LinguMemory.

Cheers and enjoy!



Erasmus Workshop

As a final event for 2015 LinguCards organised a workshop for Erasmus students and foreign language speakers. 


It was a wonderful evening of playing proverb games and undertaking language and artistic challenges. 

Together with native speakers from Italy, Greece, France, Georgia, Poland, Cambodia and a strong and determined group of Bulgarians we enjoyed to exchange traditional and modern proverbs from our countries.

The event took place at Gallery 2.0 Urban Space and would not have been possible without the help of the Erasmus Social Network in Sofia.

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LinguCards in Gießen (Germany)

Sprachenmesse in Gießen 2015

Multilingualism is becoming more and more important for the everyday life in Germany. That is why the Integration Network of the District Advisory Committee for Foreigners in Gießen tries to support linguistic diversity by organising a colourful festival of languages: event website. The event aims to stimulate reflection on the importance of diversity in language in a broader sense and through interactive activities.


Of course LinguCards couldn't miss the chance to be present.

Thanks to Lyubomir Pozharliev and Aglaya Kala we provided several of our free cards and triggered people to think about proverbs and their equivalents in other languages.


The fair offered a colourful program with theater, art, music, literature, round tables, courses and lots of helpful informations for foreigners in Germany.

We liked it and will be back for sure!


"The day starts with Culture" - Bulgarian National Television 

On Wednesday Vesela Krasteva from the Bulgarian National Television met us for an interview. The reportage was screened in today's show of "Денят започва с култура" (bg: the day starts with culture). 

You can find a link to the video here.