LinguCards on Sofia Disha 

This year LinguCards will take part in the Sofia Disha festival on the 09th and 16th of August. On one hand side we will be handing out LinguCards in exchange of peoples favourite idioms. And on the other hand side we will organise drawing workshops, together with some of the LinguCards artists.

LinguCards on Sofia disha
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You can illustrate your favourite idiom and create a unique piece of artwork. We are collecting all of them and exhibit the best ones. Please find our facebook event here and the Bulgarian announcement for our stand on the website of the Sofia Disha festival here.

"Sofia Disha" (bg: София диша = Sofia breathes) is a foundation which was created to support the development of Sofia as a modern European city, carrying the spirit of Bulgarian history and culture.

Every year the foundation organises a street festival, named just like the foundation itself. The festival develops and promotes creative sectors both in Sofia and in Bulgaria, stimulates various social and educational projects and the development of sport and ecological lifestyle.

You can find the facebook page of the foundation here.

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