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LinguCards in Gießen (Germany)

Sprachenmesse in Gießen 2015

Multilingualism is becoming more and more important for the everyday life in Germany. That is why the Integration Network of the District Advisory Committee for Foreigners in Gießen tries to support linguistic diversity by organising a colourful festival of languages: event website. The event aims to stimulate reflection on the importance of diversity in language in a broader sense and through interactive activities.


Of course LinguCards couldn't miss the chance to be present.

Thanks to Lyubomir Pozharliev and Aglaya Kala we provided several of our free cards and triggered people to think about proverbs and their equivalents in other languages.


The fair offered a colourful program with theater, art, music, literature, round tables, courses and lots of helpful informations for foreigners in Germany.

We liked it and will be back for sure!


"The day starts with Culture" - Bulgarian National Television 

On Wednesday Vesela Krasteva from the Bulgarian National Television met us for an interview. The reportage was screened in today's show of "Денят започва с култура" (bg: the day starts with culture). 

You can find a link to the video here.


On Air at the Bulgarian National Radio + LinguCards workshop on Sofia Disha 

Just in time to inform about today's workshops on the street festival "Sofia Disha", the LinguCards founder Amanda Fell and the Bulgarian ambassador of the project Teodora Baeva-Muravska went for an interview at the Bulgarian National Radio. They enjoyed speaking with Tanja Velichkova about the project, it's goals and the upcoming events. 

If you understand Bulgarian, you can listen to the recording of the interview here.

On the pictures of the LinguCards workshop from later that day, you can see it was just as much fun as Amanda and Teodora were promising. People every age participated, illustrated their own idioms or donated their favourite idiom in exchange of a LinguCard. 

Thanks everybody for coming, sharing and caring! 


Interview with

Teodora Baeva-Muravska, the LinguCards ambassador for Bulgaria met Ema Ivanova for an interview with

The text is written in Bulgarian, but if you use the Google translator you can get the main points of a well written article about our project.


LinguCards on Sofia Disha 

This year LinguCards will take part in the Sofia Disha festival on the 09th and 16th of August. On one hand side we will be handing out LinguCards in exchange of peoples favourite idioms. And on the other hand side we will organise drawing workshops, together with some of the LinguCards artists.

LinguCards on Sofia disha
Event Banner

You can illustrate your favourite idiom and create a unique piece of artwork. We are collecting all of them and exhibit the best ones. Please find our facebook event here and the Bulgarian announcement for our stand on the website of the Sofia Disha festival here.

"Sofia Disha" (bg: София диша = Sofia breathes) is a foundation which was created to support the development of Sofia as a modern European city, carrying the spirit of Bulgarian history and culture.

Every year the foundation organises a street festival, named just like the foundation itself. The festival develops and promotes creative sectors both in Sofia and in Bulgaria, stimulates various social and educational projects and the development of sport and ecological lifestyle.

You can find the facebook page of the foundation here.

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